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SHORT STORY 57 Oct. 8, 2020

“I think for a lie to be effective, it must have three essential qualities.  First, it must be partially true to be more believable. Se…
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A Glass of Emotions

SHORT STORY 48 Sept. 28, 2020

A good artist does not let herself be controlled by her emotions. Rather, she takes these emotions, puts them in a clear glass, and all she has to do…
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One Day I Will Write Abo…

An Attempt at Poetry 58 Sept. 24, 2020

One day, I will write about you Of the day we met The 15th A date forever engraved in my mind. And then How we met The art present …
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SHORT STORY 48 Sept. 16, 2020

Sarah read somewhere that what scares you  about the dark is not the darkness itself, but what lies in the darkness. So, now, alone in the darkn…
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The Worth Of My Life.

An Attempt at Poetry 38 Sept. 7, 2020

Is this my life? Am I breathing underwater? --Metric; Breathing Underwater.   I am afraid. Oh God, I am so very afraid. Why…
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GUEST POST 105 Aug. 27, 2020

Hey Guys... Today I come to you with a Guest Post from Macharya and Stacy..aka, The Little Pergola. Their story, titled ON BORROWED TIME , is…

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