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One Day I Will Write Abo…

An Attempt at Poetry 58 Sept. 24, 2020

One day, I will write about you Of the day we met The 15th A date forever engraved in my mind. And then How we met The art present …
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The Worth Of My Life.

An Attempt at Poetry 38 Sept. 7, 2020

Is this my life? Am I breathing underwater? --Metric; Breathing Underwater.   I am afraid. Oh God, I am so very afraid. Why…
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An Attempt at Poetry 42 Aug. 16, 2020

Hey there, It’s me. Your unpaid therapist. How are you doing today?   Oh, don’t tell me. I already know, I can …
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An Attempt at Poetry 72 Aug. 5, 2020

A bleeding mind is one like yours. One that yearns instead of love, One that craves instead of being content, One that learns instead of tea…
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An Attempt at Poetry 42 Aug. 2, 2020

A car is speeding down the highway;  80km’hr, 100km/hr, 120km/hr.  The driver, young and careless;  Paying no mind to…
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One Beautiful Moment

An Attempt at Poetry 65 July 28, 2020

There are moments seeping through my fingers,  Slipping through my fingers.  Beautiful moments,  Sad moments.  Tragic…

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