An Attempt at Poetry May 17, 2022

Hey there,

It’s me.

Your unpaid therapist.

How are you doing today?


Oh, don’t tell me.

I already know,

I can already tell what aches you today.

I remember your visit yesterday.

How amidst all that’s happening at home,

You still found a way to reach me.


From my office you came out with a story,

As usual, there was love.

There always has to be love in your stories, huh?

Speaking of, have you finally found the answer to those questions I asked?

Is it love you love, or just the idea of it?

Why are you so obsessed with these love stories?

And why, do you prefer your love violent, cruel, unrequited?

You don’t have the answers today?

Cool, maybe next time then.


So about today.

Yesterday’s story,

It’s disturbing your piece of mind,

Lately, you visit me and you come out crazier than you came in,

You have already started questioning if am any good for you.

You have even started looking for other therapists,

Ones that will assure you of your sanity.

That will make you feel normal.


But that’s not it, is it?

It’s not about you feeling insane,

As much as you would like to believe that.

The truth is, you are afraid of how much you love the stories I provide nowadays,

You are afraid of what might become of you if you continue treading on this path.


But what are you so scared of really?

That you might hurt yourself?

That you might hurt others?

But baby, we both know how much you hate pain.

Well, you don’t exactly hate it,

But we both know how much you try to convince yourself that you do.

And we also know how much you hate seeing an open wound, or an open cut.


So, relax.

You are not going to turn to Sandra, or Brenda, or any of those characters in your stories.

Well, except that lately you have also been wondering how much it would hurt if you just cut yourself a little on any part of your body,

How much will it hurt really?

And how steadily will your blood flow?

Anyway, apart from that, you are good to go.


You are not turning insane, I assure you.

In fact, you are the sanest girl that has ever visited me.

I am telling you, there are crazier people in this world.

Especially those that think they are normal.

They are the worst.


You on the other hand,

You are okay.

So, relax.

Drink water.

Play music.

And please, do come visit me more often.


by Amanda Nechesa 54

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