The Worth Of My Life.

An Attempt at Poetry Jan. 19, 2022

Is this my life?

Am I breathing underwater?

--Metric; Breathing Underwater.


I am afraid.

Oh God, I am so very afraid.




I’ll tell you why .


It’s because of you.

I am afraid because of you.

You who calls herself “My Life”

You who keeps breathing in me,

You who can be so easily ended.


I am afraid,

Afraid that I will end you before I become what I want us to become,

Afraid that one of my scorned lovers will try to end you,

Afraid that you will try to end us when you finally realize I am not worth your time.


But you say I needn’t be afraid.

That you will always be with me,

Until the end of time, you insist.

But then, you are complicated.

One swing at my throat with a knife,

Then it’s over between us.

One mistake of staying late out into the night,

And a boy with a gun might end us.


But you still say I don’t need to worry,

You say that you will see to it I become what I want to become,

That you will see to it I finally become someone who is proud to have you,

That I will finally, finally embrace you,

Hug you,

Say that I love you,

See your worth,

See our worth.


But surely you can see how hard that is for me, can't you? 

To love you when I  feel like I don’t know you?

To be told that I should cherish you when I don’t even know what I am cherishing?

To be told that you are valuable when all “my life”  I have felt like I don’t know your value?

Surely, you must know. 

So tell me, how do you expect me to hug you, embrace you, see your worth? 

See our worth? 


by Amanda Nechesa 60


  • Fidelis Munywoki

    Sept. 28, 2020, 4:27 a.m.

    Meticulous 😋😋😎

  • Oliver Mutekhele

    Oct. 1, 2020, 4:05 a.m.

    Amazing 👌


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