SHORT STORY Jan. 19, 2022

Dear Ted, 

There are people who can read in between the lines. And then there are others, like you, that prefer not to. 

“What’s the point?” you ask. 

According to you, if someone wants to communicate, then let it be openly. You are tired of always guessing what people mean, what their intentions are. 

Do they really think your business will boom?

Do they really love that picture you posted on Instagram?

Do I really mean it when I say I love you? 

You don’t want to know, or bother finding out . You prefer the naivety of not knowing. 

That’s why I left you. That and the fact that your business will never boom, you take really bad pictures, and when I said I loved you, I didn’t really mean it. 

Knowing you however, you are going to take this letter as a challenge. You will want to prove me wrong; that you are better than I think That, you too, can read in between the lines. 

That’s why I figure you will get back together with your ex,  Maria, after I leave. 

Maria, the one who broke you.

 Maria, the one you broke. 

 Maria, the woman who was painfully honest. Not like me who lies and manipulates, you will say to her. 

What you don’t know is that I already spoke with Maria about it. About you wanting her back after I leave you. She’s expecting your call in a few hours. She will take you back, she assured me. 

But I don’t trust her, so I am here, sitting with her in her living room, waiting for your phone call. For you to crawl back to her, and her to claw her nails deeper into your soul again.

Only this time, I will be doing the clawing with her. 

That’s what you don’t know. 

Another thing that you don’t know is that there is a plan. A plan to end you. 

 Not end your life, No. I can never be that cruel. I just want to end you financially. I mean, I deserve half the money your business is making anyway. 

That’s why your business will never boom by the way. I am planning to steal from you. Too bad by the time you read this, I will have already taken what I want, and disappeared. Me together with Maria. 

I will be honest with you though. I don’t like Maria. I have never liked her.  I am only using her to get to you, to distract you while I steal from you. 

But she is a key part of the plan, so as much as I don’t like her, I can;t just leave her out, you know?

When she asked me; 

“Tutatoka na miliioni ngapi hivi?” 

I had to lie. I had to. I could not tell her your business is worth 5miliion. So I cut it in half and said you are only worth 2 million, which I assured her we will divide in half. 

Turns out, Maria, resident of Dandora, was satisfied with 1 million. 

Who would have thought? Me, I did think. 

See, that’s the fun of thinking too much. You can manipulate any situation you want to suit yourself. 

That’s another thing you don’t know about. The extent of my manipulation. 

To this day,, you still think you met me, you seduced me, you charmed me. To this day, you still don’t  know that when you were in that toxic relationship with Maria, I knew you. 

And when you decided to end it with her, I also knew you. Perhaps I even had something to do with it, perhaps I did not. You go figure. 

Can I ask you a question? Do you remember when we first met? It was in Serena Hotel, and I told you I was in some Writing Conference, and you said you were in a business one. 

Truth is, I was never in any conference. The only reason I was there was to “meet” you.

Remember how I walked away after I gave you my name, and how, after staring at my ass for a few seconds and deciding you had to tap that, you followed me and asked for my number? 

Remember how I played hard to get? 

Remember our first date, how I suggested we go to the restaurant Maria works at? Of course, at that time you did not suspect a thing . And you had hoped Maria was off duty. 

She was not. She caused quite a scene. How dare you bring another girl to that restaurant when you had just broken up with her a few weeks ago? She demanded, and then started shouting. 

You were embarrassed, so you suggested we leave. You expected me to run for the hills after that drama. Or at least fight with Maria for you. 

I did neither. 

Instead, I surprised you both by  calming down Maria and gently explaining to her that I did not know about you two, and that if she wanted me to leave, I will. 

Maria, who still loved you deeply, decided I should stay. She didn’t mean to cause drama, she insisted. 

“Unajua vile huwa inakuwa. I just didn’t expect kumwona amemove on that quickly. Kwanza dem mrembo kama wewe,” she said, then forced a laugh. 

We decided staying would be too much, and so we left Maria to her broken heart. 

Do you remember that day? 

Do you remember what you said to me later?

“Napenda vile hupendi madrama kama madem wengine,” you said, and then kissed me. 

Later that night, when we fucked, you said you have never found anyone like me. 

You were right about that. And you probably never will, if you are lucky enough. 

Anyway, enough about the reminiscing. 

There’s not much you can do about it now. You can’t change the past. You can’t unmeet me, unfuck me, unlove me. 

What you can do now is read this letter, and regret why you have never liked to read in between the lines, Why you prefer the naivety of not knowing. 

Maybe if you did, you will not be sitting down on the floor, a letter in your hand, a 0.00 balance in your bank account and two missing ex-girlfriends. 

But that's just you, so enjoy your simple life of not wanting to know. 


With love, 


( if that 's even my real name.) 


by Amanda Nechesa 82

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