SHORT STORY Jan. 12, 2022

You are special. And not in the kind of way mums tell all their kids they are special. Or the way your best friend tells you, you are special when your boyfriend has just broken up with you.

No. You really are special.

You are the special kind of special.

Well, at least to me, that is.

And I know it seems like such a weird thing to say this now, considering you are handcuffed to my bed, with that sexy black lingerie making your body even sexier, and that sexy gag preventing you from saying a word.

But I like you like this. Tied up. Sexy. Unable to utter a single word. Completely at my mercy.

What does that make me? A control freak?

I don’t know. Must we define my condition really?

 Must we define us?

I remember you asking me that yesterday, when I took you out on a date and asked you what we were to each other.

It was after that sumptuous dinner, and in between glasses of wine, I paused, looked you straight in the eyes like they do in movies, and asked you:

“Kendi, what are we doing? Who are we to each other?”

You didn’t answer me straight away, but I saw the answer in your eyes the moment I asked that question.

 Your eyes had this “Oh, No. Not this again Faith”  look.

But it has been months since we started whatever this is. I had to ask. I had to.

You know me. I don’t do well with uncertainty. And for months, that’s all you have been giving me.

You randomly come to my place, stay over for the weekend, and we have the best times of our lives. We drink too much, smoke too much, watch movies, laugh until our stomachs hurt, and then fuck until our pussies can’t take it anymore.

When you leave, you promise to text me more regularly, and I nod, give you a kiss, and trust that you will keep your promise.

But you never do. You go back to your life, ghost me for like two other weeks, and leave me thinking of you every second.

Honestly, sometimes I wonder if this is all a game to you.

But like I said before, you are special. If this is a game, I am more than willing to be a player for you.

But if it’s not; if you like me as much as I like you, well, let us just say you are in for a fun ride.

So, I am going to remove that gag and allow you to speak.

What will it be baby? Game or no game?

by Amanda Nechesa 70


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    Feb. 19, 2021, 12:45 p.m.



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