Butterflies and Caterpillars

SHORT STORY May 21, 2022

I have always regretted leaving you.


But, I have also always thought that that feeling will pass; just like sad did, and happy did.

I should have known.

I should have known regret is a bitch. It never stops biting. 

The other day, around three in the afternoon, I sent Brayo to mama Anyango. 

She hasn’t changed if you are wondering. She’s still the same, just like me, just like Brayo, never like you.

You change.

Perhaps that is why I left. You always change, and I  could not keep transforming into a butterfly, then to a caterpillar, then a butterfly again. 

I could not. 

I wish I could though. I wish I could change with you. God knows how I loved being your butterfly. But God also knows how I hated being your caterpillar. Aagh, such confusion you bring me. 

Anyway, I was telling you how I sent Brayo to mama Anyango. He spent too much time there that I had to go check for him. 

I found him playing with Anyango. What was it? Ball? I don’t know. But I got so frustrated with him. He reminded me of you; how you get so easily distracted. I now know, beyond doubt, that he is yours. 

Do you ever think of us? 

Does it even matter if you do?

If it does, if you do, then you would be glad to know I changed Brayo’s last name to yours. Brian Rubiri. Has a nice ring to it, right? Brian Rubiri, the first of the Rubiri’s, but not the only one. 

You have a daughter now, and that daughter has a mother; a mother you live with. A happy little family. 

I know that from Mama Anyango. I don’t know where she heard it from. I just know when she told me, I almost screamed out in pain. Thankfully, I contained myself and brushed it off like it was nothing, and then later, in my room, the tears could not stop flowing. 

Brayo was out playing; again, with Anyango, and when he came back, he found my eyes red, and his food ready on the table. 

We ate in silence that day.

Honestly, I just wish for the regret to be over already. 

Then, then I will know I can move on. But for now, I guess I will have to be content with being neither a butterfly nor a caterpillar.

 For now, I will be content with just being Brian Rubiri’s mother, and one of the people who will never get to hear your voice again. 


by Amanda Nechesa 46


  • Kim da Makini

    May 13, 2020, 4:02 p.m.

    But fly, Mama Rubiri Flap your wings. One. Two. there you go Wear a smile on your face You got so many beautiful spots I wonder why you got to stay on that one spot Regretting. Mopping. Waiting Waiting for godot Fly, Fly Mama Rubiri Subira huvuta heri, Lakini hapa hamna heri Fly, Fly Mama Rubiri Someone else is gonna love your spots Why live defining your life by one miserable fucker?

  • Amanda

    May 14, 2020, 5:28 a.m.

    This poem, @Kim....🙌🙌...i will pass the info to Mama Rubiri

  • Sculpt_gim

    May 14, 2020, 8:36 a.m.

    Great piece, it's really deep.. 

  • Amanda

    May 19, 2020, 2:23 p.m.

    @Sculpt....thank you 


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